Klub Kool-Aid 2012
Are you ready for the biggest party of your entire collegiate career? Are you ready for more neon than Vegas? Then get ready for Zeta Zigga Zamma’s Klub Kool-Aid, check here, Facebook, and Twitter through out the summer for updates!

Catchin’ Some Zzz’s

catchin some zzzs2

Do you like feathers? Do you like footie pajamas? Do you have the craving for a pillow fight with hundreds of people? If you answered “yes” (or “Sí”) to none or all of these questions, then ZZZ’S next party CATCHING SOME Z’S IS FOR YOU!

Thats right, it is a slumber dance pillow battle, AND YOU ARE INVITED!! Feathers are not edible, if you want edible feathers you need to bring your own. BYOEF. What to wear? WHAT YOU SLEEP IN! unless you are “that guy” in penland, then put something on. What to expect? Dancing, sweat, Kool-Aid, that one sketchy van we have, The Lord’s Supper, strobe lights (if you have that one disease), FEATHERS, PILLOWS, and Chris Mortensen’s sources say that Eli Manning will also be in attendance.

IF YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN PILLOW!! We will have a couple hundred to give out only to those who were too embarrassed of their drool stained pillow cases.

IMPORTANT NOTES. This WILL BE the biggest pillow fight in collegiate history. It is not an actual slumber party!!! After the party, you dont have to go home, but you cant stay at UBC(where this dance is happening). YOU HAVE TO BRING EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!!! If you come Han style, solo, you will not know anybody there. PARTY FOUL!!

This is first a most importantly A DANCE PARTY! with a huge pillow fight involved. The pillow fight is optional, so if your soft like Downy, stand back.

We have been plucking geese for the past 5 months for enough feathers to flood this place out, SO YOU BETTER ENJOY IT!!

Come on with it, pay $5, and receive all the bear hugs you want.

stay sweet.

Mission Waco Street Party Hosted by Zeta Zigga Zamma


Stop what you’re doing right now! i can think of 14 reasons of things you should be doing RIGHT NOW: 3 of which involve parkour, 8 of which involve koala bears, and 1 that involves THIS FACEBOOK PAGE!

what’s up yall, this is dolla bill once again with some news that will melt your face off, and NO, this isn’t chemical concocting class or science class 1401, its GET DOWN TO BIZZNEZZ 4007. but you might wanna stille read this with closed toed shoes and safety goggles.
the boyz of the ZETA ZIGGA ZAMMA are teaming up with MISSION WACO for one event of mondo-proportions. never heard of zeta zigga zamma? thats probably ok because our myspace page hasn’t been updated since ’03 (the year of our Lord 2003 in the western civilization and some parts of antarctica. i really do like penguins, how about you?). haven’t heard of MISSION WACO? now that’s a problem! mission waco basically wrote the book on being awesome-oppossum back before your great-great-great-great-great granny learned how to roller skate.

on OCTOBER 29TH from 2-5 the ZZZ MISSION WACO BLOCK PARTY will be going down in waco town. this thing will be hoppin’ at 15th and colcord (see links below for directions and possibly treasure maps).

there will be crazy awesome fun. OUTRAGEOUS FUN here at the block party. we will have games like 4-square, basketball and volleyball tournaments, dance lessons, maybe hopscotch (i was on the high school hopscotch team back in my glory days. challenge me, i dare you), amongst other things. basically, this party will have a bunch of activities found in our favorite class during elementary school: RECESS! and if you were homeschooled, no worries because i always thought yall just had recess all day long (win-win situation).

dancing is not only encouraged, but is highly-strongly encouraged for dancing. maybe the question is: is dancing is necessary for those who want to dance? take that up with your humanities professor next MWF class. ACADEMIA coming in HOT!!

this party will be $5 to get in. ALL THE PROCEEDS GO TO MISSION WACO! t-shirts will also be for sale for $10. my sources say that they ARE fashionable and can be worn as t-shirts during all hours of the day but they will require washing after use. and i know you’re wondering this, but yes we do take $2 bills and possibly sacajaweeyah dollar coins that my dad collects in our coin collection back home.

Mission Waco is an incredible organization doing bigger things than the Jolly Green Giant around here in waco. come out to help support this awesome cause and party in the street at the same time to! (street parties guaranteed to all participants)

to sum it up to put it in your day planner:
mission waco zzz block party
bring your friends and possibly your pet kitten
put on your fun shoes, pants, and optional cardigan
go to 15th and colcord between 2 and five
$5- have fun with many people and possibly pet kittens while supporting mission waco

dont know where 15th and colcord is? here are some technologies with directions for your inquiries